A commercial facility has its own special value which people can experience only at that place as well as its own role in the local area. We believe in the value and the role of our company and aim for our goal that more customers will be satisfied with the experience at our facilities.

Since we opened the KEIHAN MALL in 1970, we have been growing together with the community. For instance, KUZUHA MALL - formerly known as KUZUHA MALL TOWN was established as the core of the town - has been reborn after 33 years of attracting customers the entire time.

Taking advantage of our knowledge in the field of commercial facility development and management along with our human resources with a wealth of experience, we have been expanding our business overseas as well as in Japan, focusing our business on property management regarding commercial facilities. We are pursuing our goal to be chosen by customers as a valuable entity.

As "value creation group" providing and promoting new value for the customers, Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd. will keep challenging to contribute to society, responding to the demand of the times and the location.

Yasushi Matsushita

President of Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd.