Vietnam is a rapidly developing country. Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd. established Keihan Vietnam Co., Ltd. in 2011 as its overseas subsidiary.

Keihan Vietnam is based in Hanoi and operates as a bridge between the Japanese industry and Vietnam. Keihan Vietnam was based in Hanoi sooner than other Japanese companies and has been building networks in various industries, providing information about Japanese trends and the market.

Types of Business:

Supporting Japanese retail and restaurant businesses (eating and drinking industry) to expand their business into Vietnam.
- Types of shop operations: shop along the street, shop in shopping center, factory - Locations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and other places.
Proposing proper locations to open new shops.
Coordinating real estate.
Providing market information.
Introducing and coordinating local suppliers.
Supporting to employ and educate local staff.
Coordinating and managing plans and designs of shops and the interior.

Business Results

Produce Businesses:

Opening Support for Ramen Shops and Izakaya Bars. Taking advantage of our knowledge regarding Japanese commerce, Keihan Vietnam produces a new business in Vietnam.


Fine accessories such as earrings and bracelets are displayed in the shop of Vietnamese French taste. (We can find fine accessories such as earrings and bracelets in the shop of Vietnamese French taste.)

Yamamoto Mattcha Café

We can enjoy authentic Japanese "Matcha (Green Tea) Sweets" such as Matcha Soft Ice Cream.

TOKYO Dining Café

Enjoy meals and beverages in an attractive cozy spacious dining café.


Founded: December 28, 2011
Capital : 6,750,000,000VND
Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd. shareholders (100%)
Chairman: Eigo Tanaka
President : Dao Anh Tu
Business Description:
Planning of commercial facilities, development, leasing, operating facility, coordinating Japanese companies and other foreign companies expanding businesses in Vietnam, consulting business, importing and exporting business, leasing business
4th Floor,CMC TOWER,Duytan,Dichvong,Caugiay Dist,Hanoi,Vietnam